what we believe

God created us and calls us into a relationship of promise (covenant) with Himself.

Jesus Christ revealed God’s love and forgiveness in His life, death, and resurrection.

The Holy Spirit cultivates and illuminates the Spirit of Christ in His people.

We worship God, welcome one another into a community led by the Spirit, and witness to the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

The mission of the First Baptist Church of Bryson City is

to make disciples through worship, welcome, and witness.

(Worshiping God, Welcoming Others, Witnessing to the World)


Worship is ascribing worth to God in all we do or say. The goal of living is

to worship God. We consider worship to involve the church body meeting with

Holy God through elements such as: giving, singing, praying, and preaching.

Welcome encourages people’s sensitivity to the presence and work of the

Spirit of the Lord in their lives and in the hearts of believers. The church

welcomes all who will come, for we believe that Christ died for all. Welcome

develops a sense of belonging as persons share time at every opportunity with

attitudes of friendship and acceptance.

Witness is sharing with others the love of God in all we do or say. It is

cultivating relationships with people through conversation and hospitality for the

purpose of leading them to decide for Christ. We extend witness to our families,

friends, and community, and through mission-giving

and going unto all the world